Will County is one of the largest counties in Illinois - and it's growing! We need a leader who knows how to make the county work. Nick has been on the job, dedicating his career to supporting the people of Will County, for 15 years. Read about some of the important issues in Will County today & the work Nick has done - and plans to do.

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Property Taxes

Nick understands that rising property taxes burden homeowners in Will County. As Chief of Staff in the Executive’s office, Nick has successfully fought to lower Will County’s property tax rate 5 years in a row. Furthermore, the County has maintained a balanced budget and a AA+ bond rating, an indication of the financial health and stability of the county.

As Will County Executive. Nick pledges to maintain the county’s history of fiscal responsibility by working in a bi-partisan fashion with the county board. Providing county services to all residents equitably while keeping tabs on property taxes isn’t easy. It requires leadership that knows how the budget works and can bring everyone to the table to make the necessary decisions. Nick has been doing the work for the last 15 years so you can trust him to make the right decisions for Will County going forward.

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Roads, Bridges, & Truck Congestion

Will County is the center of transportation routes in the United States. Because of our location, 3.5% of the U.S. GDP travels through Will County every year. If the roads and bridges in Will County fail, so does the American economy. That’s why Nick has worked closely with federal and state partners to secure $1.2 billion in state funds to repair county roads and highways without increasing property taxes on county homeowners one cent.

But we all know there’s work still to be done: many county roads need modernization and safety improvements. Meanwhile, truck traffic seems to increase daily. Nick is active in forming relationships with regional partners and working to implement the county’s Friendly Freight Mobility Plan, which establishes formal truck routes throughout the county and targets future development in areas with existing transportation infrastructure.


The Environment

Nick knows that planning for an environmentally friendly future isn’t just earth-friendly; it’s checkbook-friendly. Nick has led the fight to expand renewable energy in Will County. Now the county is one of the top-producers of solar energy in Illinois, creating new job opportunities for county residents and saving county homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars in lower utility bills for county facilities.

There are plenty of ways Will County can make a more sustainable future for its residents, like the efforts underway at the Prairie View Landfill gas-to-energy facility. Instead of burning off the methane created as waste decomposes, federal grants and public-private partnerships have made it possible to turn this methane (a greenhouse gas when burned off) into energy that powers up to 8000 local homes every year. Nick has the experience in building intergovernmental and public-private partnership that will continue to grow Will County’s sustainable future.

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Nick led the push to establish a branch of the Will County Health Department in eastern Will County, a formerly underserved area of the county. A lot of people talk about expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare, but Nick has done the work. 

Nick has also focused the county’s efforts on reducing the number of addiction-related deaths in Will County. Over a decade ago, when the state and federal governments were focused almost exclusively on methamphetamines, Nick led a contingent of Will County officials to speak with state and federal representatives about what the county believed (rightly) was a looming opioid crisis. Nick also helped establish the office of the Director of Substance Use Initiatives and personally recruited and hired Dr. Kathleen Burke, formerly CEO of the Robert Crown Center for Health Education, to manage the county’s anti-addiction educational efforts.

Nick pledges to continue to expand access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Will County residents and to continue to support efforts to reduce addiction and substance use disorders in our community.


Nick's Plans for the Future of Will County

If you’ve met Nick, you’ve probably heard him say he intends to make Will County the healthiest county in Illinois. This plan has three main points, many of which relate to some of the other issue topics on this page...

Creating an environment that supports healthy living

  • Eliminating food deserts

  • Increasing availability of outdoor leisure spots like bike lanes & walking trails

  • Improving access to renewable & “clean” energy sources for residents

  • Ensuring safety on our county roads

Helping residents achieve and maintain a good quality of life

  • Providing good paying, consistent job opportunities for our residents

  • Keeping county property taxes as low as possible

  • Reducing community violence

  • Enhancing the availability of affordable housing options

Increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare

  • Making mental healthcare available to all

  • Reducing addictions among our residents through prevention education & treatment

  • Continuing to expand county health department services to underserved areas