Palmer Kick-Off Fundraiser Draws Crowd in Joliet

September 17, 2019

On Tuesday September 17, the Palmer campaign hosted their kick-off fundraiser at the Jacob Henry Mansion in Joliet. Guests included a number of county board members, local union leaders and members, community organizers, and many friends and family members. The guest of honor was Larry Walsh, Senior, who recently announced that he will retire as County Executive in December of 2020.

Walsh has previously endorsed Palmer, his Chief of Staff, for County Executive and Walsh repeated his endorsement again on Tuesday night, telling the assembled crowd that Palmer has worked hard for nearly two decades behind the scenes, both in county government and helping to build the Democratic Party in Will County.

Also endorsing Palmer for County Executive is Will County Board Speaker, Denise Winfrey and former Speaker of the Board, Rev. Herb Brooks. Both Democrats were on hand on Tuesday, offering their support to Palmer.

Palmer faces a tough primary challenge but, as he explained in comments on Tuesday night, working hard is nothing new for this Joliet native. "I've been here, working for the citizens of Will County, for most of my career. I'm excited about continuing that work."

Palmer thanked the crowd and asked for their continued support. "We're running a grassroots campaign. I'm not the big money candidate, but with your support - the support of community leaders and my friends and family - I know we can win this race."

To learn more about how you can help support Palmer's candidacy, click on the link below.